2012 Election-Night Helper

Simply mark States for Obama or Romney as the night goes on.

NEW! 11/6/12 - I added Pennsylvania and Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District as swing states. Here's an interesting case: give Obama NH, PA, WI and OH. Give Romney everything else except NE2.

NH (4):
VA (13):
PA (20):
NC (15):
FL (29):
OH (18):
IA (6):
NE2 (1):
WI (10):
CO (9):
NV (6):

Selected combination gives Obama , Romney
You haven't set any swing state results yet. Obama starts with a % chance of winning. This could go up and down as you set your swing state results.

Of remaining possibilities, Obama wins out of (%)
Mean Obama EV of remaining possibilities:
Minimum Obama EV of remaining possibilities:
Remaining EV needed for Obama to win:
Remaining EV needed for Romney to win:

Remaining possible combinations: